About Us

Du.0 (pronounced "du point oh") is a feminist-gesamtkünstwerk-chamber-noise violin duo based in New York City. Our names are Aimée Niemann and Charlotte Munn-Wood, and we play old, new, and improvised music on our violins (and sometimes non-violins).

We enjoy surprising and invigorating our audiences, and cultivate a down-to-earth, welcoming feeling in our presentation.

Du.0 is passionate about premiering works of living composers, particularly women. We lead by example in this area, having collaborated with or performed the works of composers Emily Praetorius, Aleksandra Vrebalov, Sky Macklay, Chiyoko Szlavnics, Lucie Vitkova, Laura Jayne Bowler, and actor-director Polina Ionina. By commissioning and showcasing their creative talent, we actively advocate for women performers, composers, improvisers, and thinkers. 

Photo credit Tayla Nebesky