Du.0 Commissioning Project!

July 19, 2019

Du.0 (du-point-oh) is excited to say that thanks to all of our supportive friends and collaborators, we have successfully crowd funded and met our goal for funding two new commissions. We are so excited to be working with composers Leah Asher and Scott Wollschleger!  To learn more about them visit their websites or listen on soundcloud.

Leah Asher:




Scott Wollschleger:




We look forward to sharing our voyage and the development of  these new pieces with you in 2019/20!

Thank you to everyone who has supported us along this journey!

Shapes to Sounds- Graphic Score Workshop

July 21, 2018

We presented our first graphic score workshop! If you have ever seen Du.0 perform, you know that we love improvising, especially with graphic scores as a vessel for our ideas and sounds. In July we taught a workshop in Millheim, PA to an enthusiastic group of learners and creators. The workshop consisted of a history of graphic notation and scores, as well as a performance of the attendee's amazing and creative scores. We can't wait for more educational outreach opportunities this year!

Residency at the West Street School House

July 14, 2018

This summer Du.0 had the pleasure of attending a residency at the West Street School House in Aaronsburg Pennsylvania! We spent our time working on a project that has been brewing for a while called a Soundnest.  We were overwhelmed and revitalized by the nature, farmer's markets, and down right good hearted people of middle PA. Our concert,  "Movable Pictures" had a great turnout  and we made some really good friends along the way. Stay tuned to find out more about our Soundnest  this year! 

East Coast Tour Announcement

February 07, 2018

We'll be going on a weeklong tour of the East Coast from February 18th - 25th! Check out our events page for more details about concerts in Boston, Philadelphia, and NYC.

That's a Wrap! Recording with Emily Praetorius

January 27, 2018

Du.0 had a great time this weekend at Columbia University, where we worked with composer Emily Praetorius to record her piece "That It Was To Say." Emily wrote this eerie music especially for us, and we can't wait to share the finished recording with you!

Composer Zak Argabrite + Dead Horse Bay Trash Hunt

September 10, 2017

Du.0 and composer Zak Argabrite on a seek and find at Dead Horse Bay this afternoon. Our hearts are full of trash. The Lyft driver said " Here? There's nothing here! " - we found plenty - more to come soon!!

Composer Sky Macklay + MEGA ORGAN

August 10, 2017

Thanks to Sky Macklay for building this cool organ and for letting us play with its big sounds!

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