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O Most Noble Greenness-Tunnel Tours 

October 9th and 10th, 2021 Central Park and Endale Arch, Prospect park


As recipients of the City Artist Corps Grant, Du.0 was able to perform for the first time after nationwide shutdowns due to Covid-19. We presented our program O Most Noble Greenness, inspired by 12th century abbess, composer, and polymath Hildegard von Bingen. The first piece, Upon the Wheel, was written by NYC composer, violinist, and visual artist Leah Asher. Du.0 commissioned and premiered the 15-minute graphic score piece on February 22, 2020 and Fantasy on ‘Item de virginibus,’ co-composed by the members of Du.0. The piece is an experimental, drone-based exploration of the melody and lyrics of von Bingen’s 12th century composition, re-imagined through 21st century eyes.


Read more about these performances at Which Sinfonia Hildegard at Dusk- Anna Heflin.

3-7 Sounds Commissions

In early 2019, Du.0 set out to commission new works for our ensemble. We felt the need to expand repertoire for violin duo,as most of what was out there were short and non substantial works. With the help of our friends and community we successfully crowdfunded two large-scale commissions from Leah Asher and Scott Wollschleger. We worked solely on these pieces throughout 2019, including a trip back to PA with Scott to develop his piece, and build the giant phone that was used in the premiere


On February 22, 2020 Du.0 premiered to a standing room only crowd Upon the Wheel by Leah Asher and Dead Horse Bay: Thoughts from the Future by Scott Wollschleger. The concert also featured an earlier commission, That It Was To Say by Emily Praetorius


Read more about this performance at I Care if You Listen Textrue, Trance, Trash: Du.0 at Tenri Cultural Institute- Tristan McKay

West Street School House Residency + Graphic Score Workshop

Aaronsburg, PA July 2018

In the summer of 2018, Du.0 had the pleasure of attending the West Street School House for a residency in the middle of Pennsylvania. We spent our time working on a new project called the SOUNDNEST. We were revitalised by nature, farmers markets, cooking with friends, and the goodhearted people of Aaronsburg. Our concert Moveable Pictures had a huge turnout and we made some really good friends along the way! 

While in Aaronsburg we also presented our first graphic score workshop to the community. If you have ever seen Du.0 perform, you know that we enjoy improvising, and love playing from graphic scores as a vessel for ideas and new sounds. The workshop consisted of a history of graphic notation and a performance of each attendee’s composition.We were thrilled with the enthusiastic group of learners and creators! We really enjoyed connection with the community in Millheim, PA and look forward to more educational opportunities.

Du.0 East Coast Tour Announcement

February 18th-25th, 2018

2/18     Gallery 263, Cambridge, MA

2/20    The Lilypad, Cambridge, MA

2/21     Rhizome, Washington D.C.

2/22    The Mothership, Philadelphia, PA

2/24    Sound Town Underground, Philadelphia, PA

2/26    Arete Gallery, New York, NY

That it Was to Say

Recording with Composer Emily Praetorius

January 27th, 2018

In 2017 Composer Emily Praetorius approached us after hearing us improvise together and asked if she could write us a piece. Her piece That it was to Say is a haunting and very quiet piece intended to be played with the audience surrounding the performers in a small circle so listeners can hear all of the small whispering sounds. In 2018 we met with Emily at Columbia University to record this work.


Listen here!


Sky MacKlay + MEGA-ORGAN

April 2017

Du.0 asked Sky MacKlay if we could check out her installation and play with Mega-Organ

MEGA-ORGAN is an interactive sonic and kinetic installation of harmonica-playing inflatable sculptures. It was installed at Judson Memorial Church in Greenwich Village, NYC, during March and April of 2017.


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